Pharmaceutical Formulations, Compounds and Processes

Our professionals provide comprehensive counseling to our clients in the area of pharmaceuticals and related processes.  Such high technology includes chemical formulations and compounds, organic compositions, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and more.

Our attorneys provide strategic counsel to our clients and obtain protection for our clients’ inventions in the United States and around the world.  Global protection is offered through a foreign counsel network our attorneys have generated through years of experience.  Several of our attorneys hold advanced degrees in fields such as molecular biology and chemical engineering, and have authored scientific publications.

Our attorneys understand both the scientific and legal aspects of our clients’ intellectual property.  We are proud that our clients, prestigious universities and corporations, allow Wyatt attorneys to protect the greatest assets they have.

Representative service experience includes active ingredients (such as for ulcer treatments and skin therapies), carrier compounds for pharmaceutical delivery, fast-melt compounds and formulations for ingestion facilitation, and structured methods for individualized drug delivery systems.