Perhaps no field of human endeavor has seen the drive for new ideas, the strategies for legal protection, or the enormous economic and human health opportunities, emerging in the life sciences over the past decade.  The challenge for law firms everywhere has been to meet legal needs with the intellectual power required to understand the chemistry and technology subject matter.

We are proud that some of the most fertile sources of advanced biotechnology have selected our patent lawyers for their legal protection, knowledge-sharing, and commercialization strategies.  Clients in the private sector are also making incredible strides in life science technology, with the help of our professionals.  Examples of our experience in this area include cellular level genetic engineering, integrated dental composites, nutraceutical formulations, transgenic animals, and advanced medical devices.

We are also most proud that our major office cities are all sites of leading research hospitals, nationally recognized physician practices, and prominent research universities who continually lead our nation’s huge advances in human health and happiness – whatever law firm is privileged to represent them.

Our IP professionals give comprehensive counseling to our clients in the area of biotechnology inventions, including genetic discoveries, microarrays, molecular diagnostics, bioinformatics and more.  Several of our attorneys hold advanced degrees in fields such as molecular biology and chemical engineering, and have authored scientific publications.  Our attorneys understand both the scientific and legal aspects of our clients’ intellectual property.  Recognizing that a patent portfolio may be the greatest asset of a high technology entity, Wyatt attorneys are experienced in the practical aspects of communicating with scientific inventors and in-house counsel to enable our university and corporate clients to protect their technology in the United States and around the world.