Medical Devices and Procedures

Our Firm has the privilege of representing a number of the most distinguished hospitals, university medical schools, physician practices, and medical device inventors and manufacturers, including clients whose contributions extend world-wide.  Our extensive experience in invention management and protection includes the fields of cardiology, dentistry, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology wound treatment, endoscopy, and pain management.

Not infrequently, the intellectual property law needs of these clients are coupled with or intersect compliance or other health care law issues.  Merger and acquisition activity also has been heavy in this industry, both at the international manufacturer and local and regional physician practice levels.

The personnel mobility seen in other professions has extended to physicians, with many moving between practices or changing status to hospital employees.  Some medical doctors and other health care professionals like pharmacists are active inventors who lack manufacturing and marketing capabilities themselves, and wish to collaborate with manufacturers to commercialize inventions.  In mobility situations, identification of intellectual property ownership and protecting the owners against loss have special importance.

In all of these situations, the interdisciplinary culture and capabilities of our entire Firm are brought to bear to ensure that invention activities, transactions, and operations fit well into the entire framework of the legal system.