Chemical Formulations, Compounds, and Processes

Our IP Team has significant experience in handling all types of organic and inorganic chemical inventions, including manufacturing processes, methods of utilization, individual compounds, and compositions of different chemical components.

Representative industries and end-uses include cleaning compositions and detergents, fabric softeners, descaling compositions, stripping solvents, electrochemical compositions, dyestuffs for paper, textiles, leather, and hair, polymeric colorants for polylefin articles, washable markers, and polyurethane foams, deinking formulations, and plastic additives for ultraviolet protection, clarifying, and nucleating of various polymers.

We have also handled inventive matter involving gels for personal care products, inkjet, flexographic, gravure, and other printing inks, antimicrobial compounds and products, rubber formulations, turf and agricultural treatment products, polyolefin fibers and yarns, clarified polypropylene audio/video containers, elastomeric fibers, precipitated silica materials for end-uses such as dental abrasives, paper pigments and coatings, inkjet inks, and air filtration media, calcium silicate products, ground and precipitated calcium carbonate materials, aluminum trihydrate flame retardants, wood treatments and adherents, carboxymethylcellulose products, and hydrocolloids, such as xanthan gum, gellan gum, and welan gum for various beverage, food, oil field, and coating applications.