Securities Litigation

Our securities litigation practice mirrors the full breadth of the domestic capital and commodity markets, with a substantial experience base in both public and private equity, debt, bonds, commercial paper, loan participations, property syndications, limited partnerships, futures, options, derivatives, mutual funds, government agency securities, other investment contracts, and investment advisor transactions, both in initial offering and secondary market contexts.

Our lawyers have dealt with an unusually wide range of additional securities products in the banking industry, including stripped securities, CMO residuals, and consumer automobile loans.  Much of the caseload has involved accountant liability and other claims arising from asserted accounting misstatements, while other cases have involved liability of issuers, underwriters, brokers, alleged aiders and abettors, investment advisors, attorneys, appraisers, and other professionals.

Resolving such complex problems for clients, whether plaintiffs or defendants, requires information, concentration, and tactical capabilities for which our substantial prior experience is indispensable.  Our Firm’s extensive depth in litigation support and other information technology is also critical in helping our clients through these complex, fact-intensive controversies with efficiency and budgetary discipline.