Commercial Lending

The Financial Institutions and Public Finance Service Team at Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP has experience representing both lenders and borrowers in a wide array of loan transactions.  Our clients range from community banks and regional lending institutions to the super-regional and money center banks, and also include “borrower-side” representations of real estate developers and clients in diverse lines of business.  We understand the breadth of issues that may arise in the area of commercial lending and routinely consult attorneys from our other service teams in order to deliver the most comprehensive advice to meet our clients’ needs.

Our Financial Institutions and Public Finance Service Team is available to represent and counsel clients on matters such as:

  • C & I receivables/inventory revolving lines of credit/term loans
  • Commercial mortgage financing
  • Construction lending
  • Agent bank representation in syndicated loans
  • Bank holding company loans
  • Mineral loans
  • Equine loans
  • Intercreditor arrangements, including loan participations
  • Employee Stock Option Plan financing
  • Workout and bankruptcy advice

Defining Successes

Overcoming a Language Barrier to Finish the Deal

Client received an offer to sell real property to an international Company operated by native Spanish speakers.

The transaction was...

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