Finding IP Value

Protect your business from the heavy toll of abusive patent litigation

By Stephen C. Hall

I recently wrote a column with my Partner, Andrew Campbell, a member of the Litigation & Dispute Resolution Service Team, for News and Tribune‘s Southern Indiana Business Source.  The article, “Protect your business from the heavy toll of abusive patent litigation,” describes the growing threat of Patent Assertion Entities and provides answers for companies that may be faced with potential PAE litigation.

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Stephen C. Hall
Stephen Hall is a registered patent attorney, and he serves as leader of the Firm’s Intellectual Property Protection & Litigation Service Team.  His practice addresses both patent filing/prosecution before the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as patent litigation in the federal courts.  A former research chemist, Steve has obtained patents for clients in a broad range of technical fields, including:  alternative energy, catalysts, chemical detection, electrical transmission line safety, electro-mechanical devices, ergonomic... Read More