Employment Law Report

NLRB’s Solomon Considering More Regional Office Consolidations

By Edwin S. Hopson

In a press release issued July 2, 2012, NLRB Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon announced that he is considering another proposal to reorganize Regional Offices.  Previously, Solomon announced proposed consolidations involving St. Louis, Peoria, and Winston-Salem offices.

Under the latest proposal, the Hartford, Connecticut Regional Office (Region 34) would become a Sub-Region of the Regional Office in Boston, Massachusetts (Region 1), the Regional Office in Memphis, Tennessee (Region 26) would become a Subregion of the New Orleans, Louisiana Regional Office (Region 15), and the Nashville, Tennessee and Little Rock, Arkansas Resident Offices also would be under the jurisdiction of the New Orleans Region.  The Regional Director for this consolidated Regional Office would be located in New Orleans.  As with the other consolidations, no offices would be closed under this reorganization.

Solomon stated that he would consider input from NLRB staff and from external stakeholders as well as Members of Congress, before making a final decision whether to present a formal proposal to the National Labor Relations Board.  Comments should be submitted by July 31, 2012.

He also indicated that he would be making a final decision on this and the previously announced reorganization by early fall of this year, and that further restructuring could be proposed in the future.