Employment Law Report

Kentucky’s “Gender Pay Gap”

By Amanda Warford Edge

According to a new study and report from PayScale.com, working women in Kentucky earn 22.2% less than men, with the median pay for a male worker being $48,900, compared with $38,100 for a female worker. This “gender pay gap” — as it is often termed — is slightly smaller than the pay gap nationwide.

The report states that across the 50 states and the District of Columbia, women earned 23.7% less than men in 2016, with a median pay of $58,000 for male workers and $44,300 for female workers. These figures are representative of the raw gender pay gap — which looks at a median salary for all men and women, regardless of job type or worker seniority.

The same study and report also took into account factors such as years of work experience, education, company size, job title, and job level to determine a “controlled” gender pay gap. In so doing, it found that in Kentucky, the controlled median pay for female workers is $47,200 — which is 3.5% lower than the median pay of $48,900 for male workers. It also found that nationwide, female workers have a controlled median pay of $56,600 — which is 2.4% lower than the median pay of $58,000 for male workers.

These figures are, overall, consistent with the April 2016 findings and report of the National Partnership for Women and Families. According to that report, the gender pay gap means that on average, Kentucky women who are employed full-time lose a combined total of nearly $5 billion every year due to the wage gap.