Defining Success

Defining Success

Condemnations Clear the Way for New Sewer Pipeline

Oldham County Environmental Authority


The Oldham County Environmental Authority (OCEA) needed to construct a sewer pipeline that would improve the sanitation system and the environment for residents in Oldham County, Kentucky.


In order to construct the pipeline, OCEA needed to condemn abandoned property that had not been actively owned since the 1930s in an area called Lake Louisvilla. This project was particularly challenging because of the sheer number of lots and property owners that had abandoned their property many years ago.


We successfully condemned the property for OCEA and convinced the court in Oldham County that OCEA could take the property in order to construct the sewer pipeline.


After successfully convincing the court that OCEA could condemn portions of Lake Louisvilla, OCEA moved forward with the project and constructed a sewer pipeline that currently serves customers in Oldham County. This is an important project for the community that has improved the environment and the sewer infrastructure of Oldham County.