Sustainability, at its core, is about considering the long term use of resources, the long term health of the workplace and the long term viability of a business.

These are not foreign concepts that have sprung from the earth in the past decade.  These are the hallmarks of successful businesses and have been for centuries.  The application of sustainability to the corporate world is, first and foremost, about the wise use of resources.

Wyatt’s Sustainability Team is comprised of lawyers experienced in land use and zoning, litigation, real estate, tax, general corporate services, and natural resources & environmental law. Our team also includes the first Kentucky attorney to be a LEED accredited professional and the current Chair of the Kentucky chapter of U.S. Green Building Council.

At Wyatt, we look beyond the “green movement” to identify the broader scope of sustainability in business practices that will increase your business efficiency and provide opportunities for growth.

Our Team can assist clients as they integrate sustainability into their core business practices and guide them toward solutions that can present opportunities for new growth. It is our goal to help clients through the wide range of sustainability applications, including;

  • Assist in the LEED certification and recertification process for new construction and existing buildings
  • Draft design and construction agreements that use sustainable building standards required by architects, designers and construction contractors to ensure that the end result meets the developers’ green building designations
  • Advise clients on the specific tax and regulatory incentives to be realized through sustainable business projects
  • Assist in transactions that involve government incentives and regulatory agreements, including brownfields
  • Guide clients through emerging government requirements for sustainability in new construction for municipalities, higher education, and in some states, private development
  • Navigate land use and zoning regulations for real estate developers
  • Provide venture capital assistance and general corporate services to sustainable businesses
  • Document scattered site energy production relationships
  • Assist corporate clients and municipalities in the development of internal sustainability policies
  • Navigate regulatory and finance challenges for alternative energy providers, including bio mass, wind and solar