The Firm’s immigration law practice serves corporate, academic, institutional, and individual clients.

For our corporate clients, we have obtained non-immigrant visas from the Department of Homeland Security in the H1B category for specialized occupations, the O category for extraordinary aliens, the P category for athletes and entertainers, the L visa category for intra-company transferees, the B category for business visitors, and the TN category under the North American Free Trade Agreement.  We have also worked with treaty traders and treaty investors (E visa category) seeking expansion of their business in the United States, alien entrepreneurs seeking permanent residence in the U.S., and assisted in obtaining J-1 visa waivers.  Organizations we have represented include a marketing and consulting firm in the high technology field, a Japanese chemical company, a German metal equipment manufacturer, a Canadian seafood distributor, a German medical supplies manufacturer, an Indian pharmaceuticals company, a multinational automotive product manufacturer, a multinational advertising agency, architectural and engineering firms, several hospitals and medical clinics, and entertainers.  In addition, we have assisted numerous institutional clients with immigration issues, including several area colleges and universities, and various municipalities and government-related agencies.

Our services to individual clients have also included student visas (J and F visas), fiancé visas (K visa), and consultation for the obtainment of permanent residency for family members.

Recently, our immigration work has included assignments for clients from France, Russia, Czech Republic, Japan, Korea, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, Ireland, Israel, Iceland, Poland, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Spain, India, Iraq, and South Africa, among others.