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CMS Hasn’t Started Recouping Loans by Garnishing Medicare Pay to Hospitals and Providers

As we reported on August 7, 2020, hospitals and providers are facing repayments of loans received this spring through the Medicare Accelerated and Advance Payment Programs. The first of these repayments became due in mid-August, 120 days after the first loans were issued.  These loans were set to be recouped through Medicare claim reimbursement withholding by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  See the CMS fact sheet here.  However, although neither Congress nor CMS has taken official action to forgive the loans or issue a stay or extension on the loan collection, providers are reporting that CMS has not yet taken action to recoup the loan amounts.  This may afford Congress more time to consider taking action to extend or forgive the loans, as urged by hospital and provider advocacy groups here.