Defining Success

Defining Success

Resolving Regulatory Issues to Complete a Joint Venture

A healthcare provider


A healthcare provider client that was seeking to complete a joint venture transaction with another healthcare provider discovered a potential regulatory issue as part of due diligence. The potentially problematic arrangement involved an arrangement with a third party provider that would provide services to the joint venture.


The client needed to resolve the issue in order to close the joint venture transaction. Both parties were on a tight timeline to analyze and negotiate a solution.


Wyatt was engaged to analyze the potential regulatory issue and negotiate with the other parties to find a solution and allow the joint venture transaction to close in a timely manner. Wyatt lawyers quickly analyzed the potential regulatory issues, proposed a solution, and, through a series of phone conferences with multiple parties and attorneys, negotiated an amendment to the applicable documents to satisfy all parties that the regulatory issue was addressed.


The parties closed the transaction and continued the arrangement with the third party to service the joint venture’s operations.