Life as a Wyatt Associate

A Member of Our Team

A distinctive feature of the practice of law at Wyatt is the diverse work assignments given new associates. Based upon their expressed interests, new associates are initially assigned to a Service Team merely as a means to integrate them into the Firm from the very onset of their career. They receive a variety of assignments which ensures exposure to the practice of law within areas that are of interest to them.

Additionally, the Firm has no rotation system that imposes artificial limits on an associate’s involvement in a given matter. Our process ensures that every attorney has an opportunity for exposure to several service areas and provides new associates with the experience necessary to eventually gravitate into a specialization.

Your Input is Important

While the needs of the Firm and its clients are our primary consideration in making assignments to service areas, each associate has substantial input in that decision. That input includes a say in the assignment as most associates begin specializing within two years. The result is an environment in which attorneys practice in the areas of law that are of most interest to them.

Associates have significant control over the direction of their professional growth and enjoy the luxury of sampling from a variety of service areas. We are proud to provide an opportunity for a broad exposure to the practice of law and believe that this feature sets us apart from many large law firms.

Developing Well-Rounded Attorneys

Wyatt is intensely committed to developing its associates into the best and most well-rounded partners possible.  Our professional development programs include:

  • Wyatt budgets significant sums annually for continuing legal education and associate training.
  • There is a standing committee of partners and an executive staff member devoted full time to associate development.
  • The Firm provides a wide array of both formal and informal training, including workshops conducted by outside consulting firms, as well as internal and external continuing legal education.
  • New associates gain valuable experience by working with attorneys on notable cases and transactions from beginning to end and from exposure to a variety of cases and transactions in diverse legal areas.
  • Associate progress is supported through formal performance evaluations and informal, immediate feedback from senior attorneys and partners on individual projects.

Learn From the Best

Each entry-level associate is assigned a mentor to provide guidance as needed or requested by the new associate. Initially, our new associates receive an in-depth orientation to explain their role in the Firm and to introduce them to the most basic operating policies and procedures. Brown bag lunches covering a variety of topics, open invitations to attend all service area meetings, legal writing workshops, in addition to the continuing legal education programs, are available to help our associates progress.

The Evaluation Committee is a standing committee that stays continuously involved in the training and professional development efforts of all associates as they progress toward partnership. Its existence speaks to the importance that the Firm places on passing on the “Wyatt Way” to all associates.

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