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Scammers Target Remote Workers with Fraudulent Termination Notices and Fake COVID-19 Tracing Phishing Emails

Cybercriminals are targeting remote workers with fraudulent phishing emails purporting to notify workers that their employment is being terminated. These emails provide clickable links for invitations to teleconference meetings or additional information concerning termination packages in an effort to trick people into downloading malicious software. Scammers are also sending fraudulent emails purporting to perform COVID-19 contact tracing that ask for money, credit card information, or Social Security numbers. Healthcare providers with remote workers may want to warn their workforce about the risks of these phishing scams and how they can safely report them to their employer. If you think your workforce has been targeted with one of these scams, you can report suspected activity to the Federal Trade Commission here. To read more about COVID-19 phishing emails, see our post to the Wyatt HITECH Law blog titled, Scammers Target Remote Workers with Phishing Email Campaigns and this recent USA Today article.