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NLRB Election Update: Regional Statistics

By George J. Miller

The table below shows results from elections supervised by the National Labor Relations Board in 2009 in four states where the Wyatt firm has offices.  Compared to national statistics for certification elections (see earlier post on this blog), employers in Kentucky fared much better than average, while employers in Indiana fared slightly better than average, and employers in Tennessee and Mississippi fared worse than average.

There were far fewer elections in these states in 2009 than in neighboring states to the north.  Illinois had 82 certification elections and 21 decertification elections, for a total of 103, while Ohio had 50 certification elections and 17 decertification elections, for a total of 67, and Michigan had 50 certification elections and 9 decertification elections, for a total of 59.  So despite the decline in rustbelt industries, these states remain fertile ground for union activity.

Certification Elections 


Decertification Elections
            Total – 7            Total – 5
            Union wins – 2            Union wins – 4
            Company wins – 4            Company wins – 1
            Unresolved – 1 
            Total – 8            Total – 4
            Union wins – 7            Union wins – 1
            Company wins – 1            Company wins – 3
            Total – 10              None
            Union wins – 8 
            Company wins – 2 
            Total–18            Total–5
            Union wins-9            Union wins–3
            Company wins-6            Company wins -2
            Unresolved -3 
George J. Miller
George Miller is a member of the Firm’s Labor & Employment Service Team.  He concentrates his practice in the areas of labor and employment law and eminent domain law. Read More