Wyatt and Urban League Host One of Louisville’s Largest Expungement Clinics

Wyatt teamed with the Louisville Urban League in hosting the Reily Reentry Program on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at Roosevelt Perry Elementary School. The expungement clinic, which is believed to be the largest ever held in Louisville, was named in honor of Urban League board member Stephen Reily, for his generous donation to offset the significant cost of an expungement.

Research shows that expunging one’s record allows applicants to make on average $6,000 more per year, while also restoring the right to vote, to apply for tuition assistance, to volunteer at their child’s school, and to find better jobs and housing.

Nearly 100 volunteers worked throughout the day, assisting participants, printing records, checking forms and filling out paperwork. The service proved to be in high demand, and it is estimated that the Reily Reentry Project helped approximately 400 people during the clinic. Hundreds of others had to be turned away because there were too many to help that day. Hopefully, other clinics will be held in the near future to meet the demand.

Wyatt would like to extend its gratitude to the volunteers, especially those who stayed well beyond “closing time” to help those still waiting. Thank you to the Louisville Urban League, the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law students, Legal Aid Society, the Black Lawyers Association and the Association of Corporate Counsel for making the Reily Reentry Project a success.

Check out some of the media coverage of the clinic, as well as a video posted on Twitter by Stephen Reily.