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Village Anchor

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Village Anchor

Housed in a historic train station at the heart of the garden-filled city of Anchorage, the Village Anchor Pub & Roost has defied what conventional wisdom would suggest about opening a new restaurant in a difficult economy. To its owner, Kevin Grangier, the timing was relevant to the restaurant’s goal of providing a retreat to its guests from the stresses of daily life. After spending more than a decade founding and growing a successful branding and public relations firm in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, Kevin decided he was ready to move back to his home in Anchorage and launch a restaurant that was unlike anything Louisville had seen before… and he did.

Well before its first birthday, the new restaurant and pub has already garnered numerous awards in 2010, including “Best New Restaurant” in Louisville. The eclectic décor, which includes ceiling-hung paintings and an outdoor Victorian dining patio, is a key component of the experience. The food – upscale comfort fare with a twist – is championed by both new guests and regular patrons alike. The combination of the atmosphere and the menu have proven to be a recipe for success.

Wyatt provided leasing, liquor licensing, and general corporate representation to the Village Anchor Pub & Roost, and continues to provide ongoing representation to the restaurant.