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Margaret Levi authors 3rd edition of

Margaret Levi authors 3rd edition of "The Impact of Health Care Reform on Kentucky Employers" for the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Wyatt is pleased to announce that the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce once again relied upon Wyatt health care attorney Margaret Levi to update Kentucky employers by writing the third edition of her popular book. The Impact of Health Care Reform on Kentucky Employers, just recently released, focuses on how health care reform affects Kentucky organizations. The book features chapters on: the history of the Affordable Care Act; expanding access to health insurance; expanding health insurance coverage; limiting health care costs; funding for the Affordable Care Act; and program integrity provisions. Change is likely on the horizon for some of the health insurance provisions with Donald Trump coming into office and the eradication of Kentucky’s health insurance exchange, Kynect. However, given the broad scope of The Affordable Care Act, it is expected that many provisions that have not drawn criticism will likely remain in place and further changes will likely be made over time. The latest updates covering the impact of the Health Care Reform legislation can be found in Ms. Levi’s easy-to-read guide, which may be ordered online by clicking here.

Ms. Levi is a member of Wyatt’s well-regarded Health Care Service Team. She is the former General Counsel for Ephraim McDowell Health, Inc. She advises health care providers in the areas of data privacy and security, fraud and abuse (the Anti-Kickback Act and the Stark Law), compliance programs, clinical trial matters, medical records, The Joint Commission standards, end of life and other patient care matters. Her clients include hospitals, medical device manufacturers, nursing homes, physicians, home health agencies, and other health care providers.