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Dayo Seton Participates in the Ignite Louisville Challenge

Dayo Seton Participates in the Ignite Louisville Challenge

Ignite Louisville is a seven-month program that cultivates high-potential professionals under 40, by developing key components of leadership – competencies, networking, community understanding and engagement.

As part of the 2014 class, Wyatt's Dayo Seton participated on "Team NewStart" in the IGNITES Louisville Challenge, which is the service learning component of the Ignite Louisville program. Ignite Louisville participants are placed in small teams and choose a project from among many submitted by local nonprofit agencies in need.

Seton Ignite

Team NewStart partnered with Bank On Louisville, a nonprofit focused on bringing “unbanked” individuals to mainstream financial services, saving them up to $40,000 in unnecessary fees over the course of their lifetime. This is done through education courses, such as Start Fresh!, and by working with banking partners to align services. After nearly 1,000 volunteer hours dedicated to this project, Team NewStart provided Bank On with numerous tools to build awareness in the community and increase stakeholders. These deliverables include: focus groups, new messaging, a smart phone app, an informational video, enhanced partnerships, 850% increase in Start Fresh! participant capacity, a strategic fundraising plan and 215 TARC ads.

“Team NewStart approached us with an open mind and a great deal of energy, turning their involvement with us as an opportunity not just to improve the way our organization communicates, but also to build our long-term capacity and potential for growth. Bank On Louisville and all our supporters in the community are so grateful for the dedication, time and talent of Team New Start!” – Caitlin Willenbrink, Bank On Louisville